A Farewell to 2020: Our Best Content from a Memorable Year

2020 is finally over. What a year — pandemics, civil unrest, a heated election. 2020 was definitely a year to remember.

But before we transition fully to 2021, let’s countdown some of the best pieces of content from the Certifi blog and our social media feeds as we bid farewell to 2020. To determine the best content, we simply looked at what content earned the most views.

First, the top blog posts of 2020 are:

  1. Insurance Billing and Payments RFP: 12 Questions to Ask

You’ve decided to outsource your billing and payments solution to upgrade your technology and redeploy resources to growth-oriented projects. You’re in the process of creating an RFP. What questions should you ask?

To help, we created this blog post listing 12 questions to ask potential partners and giving analysis regarding what to look for in RFP responses.

Read it: Insurance Billing and Payments RFP: 12 Questions to Ask


  1. The Impact of COVID-19 on State-Based Health Exchange Enrollment

As a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states decided to create Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) that enabled residents to enroll in their state’s health insurance exchange. The requirements varied by state, but most made it easy for residents to enroll in health insurance.

In this post, we compared enrollment data from the 2020 open enrollment period to enrollment data in the SEP to review how enrollment in the state exchange increased as a result of those SEPs.

Read it: The Impact of COVID-19 on State-Based Health Exchange Enrollment


  1. AI Use Cases in Health Insurance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground and holds promise as a way for businesses to automate time-consuming or complex tasks. Many health insurance companies have invested in AI with varying results.

In this post, we defined AI, delivered tips about how to implement AI, and then examined 7 uses cases for AI in a health insurance business. Those use cases ranged from claims processing automation to billing to early intervention.

Read it: AI Use Cases in Health Insurance


  1. 5 Ways to Minimize Delinquent Payments in Your Health Insurance Exchange

Delinquent payments cost businesses time and money. It’s no different for a health insurance exchange — tracking down delinquent health insurance payments can take time and cost money.

So in this blog post, we examined five ways to minimize delinquent payments. Some of the guidance is basic — like offering multiple payment options — and some revolves around promoting things like auto-pay to minimize delinquent payments.

Read it: 5 Ways to Minimize Delinquent Payments in Your Health Insurance Exchange


Drum roll please — the most popular Certifi blog post of 2020 was….


  1. 7 Examples of Great State Health Insurance Marketing Campaigns

State health insurance exchanges spend millions of dollars annually on marketing campaigns designed to build awareness and encourage enrollment. Is that money well spent?

In our most popular blog post, we examined seven of the best state health insurance marketing campaigns we’ve seen and why they were great. You’ll learn how states built a brand, showcased positive consumer experiences, leveraged technology to increase enrollment, created buyer personas and enrollment stages to create targeted marketing programs, and more.

Read it: 7 Examples of Great State Health Insurance Marketing Campaigns


On the Web

We also share information content from around the Internet on our social media channels – LinkedIn and Twitter. Below were the most-clicked articles we shared in 2020:

  1. Covered California CEO Pans Proposed Healthcare.gov Fee Cut

New draft regulations submitted by the Trump administration proposed to cut the user fee that insurers must pay to access the federal Healthcare.gov population. Counterintuitively, the CEO of Covered California, the largest state-based health insurance exchange in the US, stated he believed those fee cuts would hurt exchanges, not help them.

His rationale? Getting more people to enroll in the exchanges will have the biggest impact on premium costs. More enrollees translate to a larger market, likely more insurers, and, because many uninsured are young and relatively healthy, a better risk pool, driving down the cost of premiums.

To achieve greater enrollment, he believes investing those user fees in marketing and communication programs to encourage enrollment would be money well spent.

Read it: https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2020/12/03/covered-california-ceo-pans-proposed-healthcare-gov-fee-cut/

  1. Stability and choice expected to continue with Arizona Affordable Care Act plans in 2021

Arizona saw their ACA market stabilize in 2020, with most counties having more than one insurance carrier for 2021 and residents in Maricopa County able to choose between at least six companies, up from one in 2018.

This article from AZCentral discussed expanded insurance choices as well as the ACA’s Supreme Court case, Texas v. U.S.

Read it:  https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-health/2020/10/15/stability-and-choice-expected-continue-2021-obamacare-plans/3640178001/

  1. Thousands using Pa.’s new exchange to sign up for health insurance, but first deadline comes Sunday

Pennsylvania transitioned from the federal healthcare.gov exchange to a state-based exchange, named Pennie, in 2020. Their first enrollment period as a state-based exchange happened in November and December of 2020 for the 2021 plan year.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran this story in December about the new exchange and the deadlines for enrolling in coverage.

Read it: https://www.post-gazette.com/local/2020/12/11/Thousands-using-Pa-s-new-exchange-to-sign-up-for-health-insurance-but-first-deadline-comes-Sunday/stories/202012110129

  1. Four Major Opportunities for Health Plans Amidst Increasing Disruption

Health plans have faced disruptions for years — like high health care costs, mergers between industry giants, legislative change, and shifting customer expectations. But 2020 added another disruption to the list: a pandemic.

As a result, Benefitfocus put together a create blog post detailing how some of those disruptive forces could be harnessed to create opportunities.

Read it: https://resources.benefitfocus.com/health-plan-professional/four-major-opportunities-for-health-plans-amidst-increasing-disruption

And the number one piece of content we shared on our social media channels was…

  1. To shop smart for health insurance, it pays to untangle the jargon

If you’re enrolling in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan on the individual market, there are a ton of confusing terms you’ll see. Examples include QHPs, PFL, and MLR. To help people understand the jargon, the Seattle Times created an article that defined many of those terms.

Read it: https://www.seattletimes.com/sponsored/to-shop-smart-for-health-insurance-it-pays-to-untangle-the-jargon/

That’s it. Bid farewell to 2020 and let’s move on to bigger and better things.


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