Deliver a better benefits billing solution.

Focus on Your Core Competencies.

Focus on Core Competencies

As you grow and add customers, they want you to solve other problems they have. To grow your revenue you expand your functionality. But, because you lack the domain expertise for the new functionality, you run the risk of building a solution that doesn’t meet customer expectations. Ultimately, that attempt to grow revenue can cost revenue.

Certifi can help. Our benefits billing and payment solution is uniquely designed to integrate into your existing technology while delivering the configurability you need to meet your customers’ unique billing needs. With Certifi, you’ll go to market faster and focus your internal resources on your core competencies.

We’re 100% Focused on Benefits Billing and Payment.

Configurable Billing

Configurable Design

No two employers’ benefits billing needs are alike, which is why you need a benefits billing and payments partner with a configurable, rules-based solution like Certifi.

Payment Management

Billing & Payment

We help eliminate manual billing reconciliation and cost benefits overpayment with a unique benefits billing solution.

Easy Integration

Easy to Integrate

We have extensive experience integrating with upstream enrollment solutions and payroll solutions as well as downstream systems from insurers, brokers, and other benefits vendors.

Self-service or full-service

Self-Service or Full-Service

Let us manage the entire process or leverage our cloud-based self-service solution and do it yourself. The choice is yours.

Go-to-Market Faster.

You can implement Certifi’s benefits billing solution in as little as 60 days, depending on requirements. Instead of spending time deploying a project to build or maintain a benefits billing and payment solution, partnering with Certifi enables you to focus on other strategic goals.

Plus, we’ll help support your sales and implementation process, making it easy to add benefits billing to your existing customer base.

Go-to-Market Faster

There’s No Need to Reinvent the Wheel.

Focus on Strategic Activities

focus on more strategic activities

Partnering with Certifi frees you to focus on more strategic business initiatives, driving more revenue growth.

Your Brand Here

Your Brand Here

Our benefits billing solution can be completely white-labeled – including SSO – putting your or your customer’s brand front and center.

Capture More Revenue

Capture More Revenue per Customer

Solving your customer’s benefits billing issues helps broaden your relationship and capture more revenue per customer.

Build stronger relationships with your customers with our benefits billing and payment solution.

Better Benefits Billing.

Seeing is Believing

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