Gain a Competitive Edge.

Our Financial Philosophy Delivers a Real Competitive Advantage.

certifi is a competitive advantage

You’re the expert when it comes to eligibility and enrollment. You’re great at building advanced plan comparison tools and a customer-centric shopping and enrollment experience. You’ve built a large network of carriers and benefit providers. But billing continues to be problematic.

Certifi can help. We’re the private health exchange billing experts with a unique financial philosophy that leads to improved billing accuracy and happier customers.

Our financial philosophy is simple – keep transactions tightly coupled in a single technology platform, use a single source of data truth when creating transactions and keep expected credits and debits tied together.

In a nutshell, that’s our Perfect Balance™ structure and it delivers a real competitive advantage. For your private health exchange, an integration with Certifi results in unmatched billing and payment accuracy that virtually eliminates the need for retroactive manual reconciliation.

Simply put, by partnering with Certifi, you save time and deliver a better customer billing and payment experience.

Streamline Private Exchange Billing and Payment.

Consolidated Billing for Private Health Exchange


With an accounting-style transaction structure, our unique Perfect Balance™ design delivers accurate consolidated invoicing to groups and individuals. We can manage multiple carriers, multiple plans and virtually any type of benefits product with ease.

Payment Management


Whether it’s an EFT, a payroll deduction, a credit card or cash, our payment management and processing platform simplifies the payment process.

carrier remittance


We offer consolidated remittance delivery to carriers and other administrators based on funds actually received from groups, individuals and subsidies.

Billing and Payment Reports


Our standard reports help you better understand the financial status of your exchange. You’ll see accounts receivable aging reports, monthly close reports and delinquency event reporting, including termination. Plus, custom reports – like extracts to support financial accounting – can also be created.

Build a better private exchange with consolidated premium billing and payment.

Why Perfect Balance™ Matters.

A typical billing transaction can contain many components on the receivable and payable side. Our unique two-sided transaction structure ties those components together, delivering linked financial transactions that are the key to providing consistent, reliable financial management.

Because transaction sets don’t close until both the funding and payment sides of the transaction complete, it forces balance and virtually eliminates reconciliation. That’s Perfect Balance™.

Charge Type Payment Method Bill to/Remit To Rate
Receiveable Payroll Contribution Employer $262.00
Receivable Employer Contribution Employer $200.00
Receivable Consumer Self-Pay Consumer $100.00
Payable ABC Health Plan $523.00
Payable XYZ Broker $27.00
Payable Exchange Admin $12.00
Payable Profit/Loss 100%

Seamless Billing and Payment Integrations.

Certifit Private Health Exchange Integration

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