for Group, Individual, Medicaid and Medicare billing


100% end-to-end process automation.


Rules-driven architecture that supports unlimited inbound data feeds and payment destinations.


Unique two-sided transaction structure virtually eliminates manual reconciliation.


Enterprise-class accounting platform that fully supports all GAAP reporting requirements.

 Simplify Billing & Payment

Every account you serve is complex, and every relationship matters. Your automated billing and payment system has to handle each transaction accurately. It should eliminate errors and rework, reduce call center traffic, and improve overall service quality. William™ from Certifi can do that. Our platform automates insurance premium billing and payments to improve accuracy and efficiency in complex, multi-product, multi-supplier financial transactions. The platform manages carrier remittance advice, commissions, and fees to brokers and agencies. Even delinquencies are handled automatically. William™ is the most versatile and capable insurance premium billing and payment utility available anywhere.

 Eliminate Account Errors

We designed William™ to accommodate all sorts of plan designs and billing rules, from retroactivity to partial payment collection to specific financial reporting requirements. Thorough data quality measures minimize the need for human intervention. Perfect Balance functionality creates tightly coupled transaction sets at the time of billing. Transaction sets stay open until all expected items on both sides actually occur. When automated adjustments are made, they occur on both sides of the transaction. Everything stays balanced.

Solutions that Simplify Billing & Payment for:

State Health Insurance Exchanges


Private Health Insurance Exchange


Health Insurers





We are a group benefits insurance carrier, providing life insurance, disability, dental, and vision to groups in the United States. We look for technology partners that share our high-touch, service-first way of doing business. When we saw how the Certifi platform was built, we were comfortable they could meet our needs.

Certifi has a credible and accessible leadership team, highly skilled developers, a robust platform, and competitive pricing. What impressed us most was the dedication Certifi brought to understanding our needs. Instead of adjusting our requirements to fit their capabilities, they stretched their capabilities to meet our requirements. The ongoing relationship has been excellent, too. We feel confident that Certifi is committed to our success.

“What impressed us most was the dedication
Certifi brought to understanding our needs”

Jay Johnson,

Director, Quality & Process Improvement, Liazon

“We operate an industry-leading private benefits exchange for businesses, and we need consistent performance month to month. Certifi gives us confidence that every invoice is accurate. We are really happy to have Certifi as a partner and vendor.”

Jay Belschner,

CEO and Co-founder, Certifi, Inc.

“We are breaking the old paradigm of what we call ‘collision billing’, a method that simply combines a bunch of bills together, requiring manual clean-up on the backend. Its expensive, time consuming and a creates very poor customer experience. Our ability to intelligently auto-calculate, balance and apply payments in a 100% automated system reduces errors, cost and delights the end user. Customers like Liazon benefit from efficiency, lower operating costs and ultimately higher customer satisfaction rates.”

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