Every account you serve is complex, and every relationship matters. Your automated billing and payment system must handle each transaction accurately while eliminating errors and rework, reducing call center traffic, and improving overall service quality.

Our platform automates insurance premium billing and payments to improve accuracy and efficiency in complex, multi-product, multi-supplier financial transactions. It’s what we call Perfect Balance™.

Improve Accuracy. Increase Efficiency.

Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing

Regardless of how many carriers, plans or benefit types are involved, we deliver consolidated billing to groups and individuals.

Delinquency Management

Delinquency Management

Our rules-based delinquency management and configurable notifications simplify setup and deliver tailored delinquency notifications.

Payment Portal

Payment Management

We offer multi-source payment management and processing via EFT, payroll deduction, credit card or cash. Plus, our payment portal makes it easy to make one time payments or setup recurring payments.

remittance delivery

Remittance Delivery

Our consolidated remittance delivery enables you to send remittance advice to carriers and other administrators based on funds actually received from groups, individuals and subsidies.

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“We are a group benefits insurance carrier, providing life insurance, disability, dental, and vision to groups in the United States. We look for technology partners that share our high-touch, service-first way of doing business. When we saw how the Certifi platform was built, we were comfortable they could meet our needs.

Certifi has a credible and accessible leadership team, highly skilled developers, a robust platform, and competitive pricing. What impressed us most was the dedication Certifi brought to understanding our needs. Instead of adjusting our requirements to fit their capabilities, they stretched their capabilities to meet our requirements. The ongoing relationship has been excellent, too. We feel confident that Certifi is committed to our success.”

Solutions that Simplify Billing & Payment for:

State Health Insurance Exchanges


Health Insurers


Private Health Insurance Exchange




State Medicaid Billing and Collections


Benefits Billing for Benefits Administrators


A unique approach to billing.

We keep the constellation of treasury functions tightly coupled in a single system.


We use the same source of data as truth when transacting.


We keep expected credits and debits tied in every transaction set.


We use our unique Perfect Balance™ structure to eliminate the need for retroactive reconciliation.

Experience you can trust.

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To date, we’ve billed more in premium dollars than the annual GDP of Aruba.


Every month we process the equivalent of 1 financial transaction for everyone in the state of Michigan.


“We operate an industry-leading private benefits exchange for businesses, and we need consistent performance month to month. Certifi gives us confidence that every invoice is accurate. We are really happy to have Certifi as a partner and vendor.”

– Jay Johnson, Director, Quality & Process Improvement

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