Build a better member experience.

Improve Member Satisfaction. Increase Enrollment.

Certifi’s unique consolidated premium billing simplifies exchange billing and payment, leading to happier members, faster payment to carriers and brokers and ultimately higher enrollment.

Plus, Certifi’s unique Perfect Balance™ solution uses two-sided, matched transactions to ensure the accuracy of every transaction, limiting unnecessary customer service calls.

Even better, Certifi’s payment portal simplifies member payment and includes a cash payment option at retail locations nationwide, minimizing delinquency rates.

Build a Better State Exchange with Premium Billing and Payment.

Consolidated Billing


Exchange members appreciate receiving a single, consolidated bill for all their insurance coverages. By eliminating the hassle of multiple payments, you’ll make paying for insurance coverage easier.

Payment Portal


Our payment portal simplifies payment for members. From recurring or self-service online bill payment to billing and payment history to configurable terms and conditions language, our payment portal improves the member payment experience.

Delinquency Management


We deliver rules-based delinquency and termination communications, so members are always aware when they haven’t paid or are at risk of termination.

Broker Management


Insurance brokers and agents receive one consolidated commission payment and access to a broker portal to view current and past commission detail. The result? Brokers get paid faster and are more likely to recommend your state exchange as a result.

Consolidated premium billing that improves the member experience in state exchanges.

Why Perfect Balance™ Matters.

A typical billing transaction can contain many components on the receivable and payable side. Our unique two-sided transaction structure ties those components together, delivering a unique two-sided transaction structure that is the key to providing consistent, reliable financial management.

Because transaction sets don’t close until both the funding and payment sides of the transaction complete, it forces balance and virtually eliminates reconciliation.

Charge Type Payment Method Bill to/Remit to Rate
Receivable Member Self-Pay Member $562.00
ABC Health Plan $424.01
Payable DEF Dental Plan $68.55
Payable XYZ Broker $56.20
Payable Exchange Administrator $11.24

A Better Premium Billing Process.

Premium Billing Process

Seeing is Believing.

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