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How much does your inefficient benefits billing & payment process cost your business?

Your human capital management or benefits administration system helps you manage your employees and benefits. But when it comes to making sure you’re being billed accurately for your health and voluntary benefits, they often fall short.

Certifi can help. We integrate with your existing benefits systems to gather enrollment data, receive payroll data and calculate benefits bills, then pay carriers, brokers and/or third party administrators. Whether you need to manage active or retiree populations, Certifi helps eliminate manual reconciliation and costly overpayment.

The end result is benefits billing and payment for employers that saves time traditionally spent manually reconciling benefit billing and ensures the accuracy of every benefit payment.

Streamlined Benefits Billing and Payment for Employers.

Consolidated Billing for Private Health Exchange


Our unique Perfect Balance™ design delivers accurate consolidated billing and payment for group and individual bills. From active employees to retirees, to multiple plans and benefit products, our billing and payment solution streamlines processes and eliminates premium overpayment.


Thanks to data connections to upstream and downstream information like enrollment and payroll data, Certifi virtually automates reconciliation. You’ll save time by eliminating manual reconciliation while ensuring you’re making accurate payments to each of your benefits vendors.

carrier remittance


Certifi’s payment management simplifies vendor payment. With Certifi, you’ll make one consolidated payment for all amounts due and remit accurate payments to vendors.

Say goodbye to manual reconciliation and eliminate benefit overpayments.

Why Perfect Balance™ Matters.

Our unique two-side transaction structure ties together all the components of receivables and payables in a billing transaction. As a result, we deliver linked financial transactions that are the key to providing accurate, reliable financial management.

We achieve forced balance because transaction sets don’t close until both the funding and payment sides of the transaction complete. That’s Perfect Balance™, and it’s why we’re able to maintain accuracy even with retroactive transactions caused by events like enrollment changes.

Charge Type Payment Method Bill to/Remit To Rate
Receivable Payroll Contribution Employer $250.00
Receivable Employer Contribution Employer $200.00
Receivable Consumer Self-Pay Consumer $100.00
Payable ABC Health Plan $523.00
Payable XYZ Broker $27.00
Payable Profit/Loss 100%

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Technology Solutions.

Certifit Private Health Exchange Integration

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