Automated Premium Billing & Payment Software


Meet William™

William™ is an intelligent automated premium billing and payments platform that performs all the functions of membership accounting, payment management, collections and remittance for digital benefits-based billing.

William™ enables 100% electronic billing transactions in complex billing scenarios, including payer sponsored marketplaces for group and individual populations as well as unique populations like Medicare Advantage and Medicaid.

A Better Premium Billing and Payment Solution.

Payment Management


William™ is a true enterprise class accounting system with GAAP compliant reporting that provides clear audit trails for general ledger management.


Your Brand Here

All customer-facing bills, reports, portals and tools are branded to be consistent with your organization’s brand.

Delinquency Management

Delinquency Management

We deliver rules-based delinquency and termination communications from notification to policy suspension and termination.

Payment Portal

Payment Portal

Consumers and employers can set up individual or reoccurring payments using their payment method of choice, credit card, debit card or checking/savings account.

Cash Payment

Unique Cash Payment

William’s™ unique cash payment service allows consumers to pay using cash by presenting their bill at any participating retailer.

Easy Technology Integrations

Easy Technology Integrations

Integration modules are flexible and fast to implement. Average implementation timeline is 60-90 days.

Client Support

Tier 2 Client Support Center

Optional tier-2 call center available to support questions and technical issues. Train the trainer call center support available.

Broker Management

Broker Management

William’s™ self-service commission management portal speeds payment and reduces call volume related to late or incorrect payments.

William™ is a better way to bill.

Leading Cloud Technology

Cloud native

Cloud Native

William™ is cloud-native, resulting in a solution accessible anywhere that’s more secure and less prone to data loss.

Elastic and Scalable

Elastic, Scalable, Redundant

William™ leverages Amazon Web Services scaling groups, multiple datacenters and elastic computing resources to deliver a highly reliable solution.

Full Service

Saas or Full Service

We can turn day-to-day billing management over to you or manage it for you.

Configurable, Rules-based Design


William’s™ configurable, rules-based, cloud-native design makes it easy to accommodate a variety of plan designs and billing rules, from retroactivity to partial payment collection to specific financial reporting requirements. As a result, it’s easier to integrate into existing systems and solutions.

Seeing is Believing.

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